New Liferay image combo

All 3 images renewed

We have just updated our Liferay related images! New and Fresh!

OK, we are always updating them, almost daily (mainly for security reasons). This time, though, we included extra features to help with container management, and moved to a new Debian version.

As we were seeing people with issues related to their volumes and what happens when a new version comes around, sometimes bringing new user and group IDs. We fixed Elasticsearch IDs, and included a routine to adjust permissions inside its data directory, so no one will need to go inside their containers to tune this up.

Liferay was also updated to tackle the same issue, the only difference is that the IDs are not fixed as we are still evaluating the effects this could have. However, the routine for adjusting the data directory was included into this release.

All images had their Debian basic image updated and adjustments were made to assure layer reuse across the 3 sibling images.

Liferay GA4 was updated as well, aligning the developments we made in GA5 in that legacy version. Including environmental variable based controls along with the Debian based updates in all 3 images as well.

We moved from Debian stable to Buster, as we were seeing issues occurring with outdated libraries that were not in alignment with our needs for performance and correctness (back-ports were not covering all of them). Buster shown to be a nice compromise between stability and all the features we needed. Of course, this also means Tomcat, LibreOffice and all components moved to the versions dictated by Buster. 

As always, we are open to suggestions and we hope this new release is helpful.

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