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We have just released a new blog application for liferay portals! Ok, this is not really exciting... but behind our app there is a live test of a new metadata generation engine we prepared for Liferay portals that have an active blog. This one is the cool part and the reason why we are posting it here. This engine is the second module we released to generate dynamically collected metadata for search engines, especially Google. We will ... Read More AboutNew blog app »

This post seeks to illustrates how one can assemble a simple query to find web content items through tags. For instance, in this example our goal is to find all pieces of web content that are linked to any of the tags in a set provided as an array of tag names. First, let me show you why I am choosing the asset query to build this example. As one can see in this code snippet, after the query is ready, its use is trivial. List<... Read More AboutLocating web content via tags »

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The ability to control web content within a structured version system and its unique capability to receive extension modules and plugins. The extension power makes this software a great ally for building new systems. Read More AboutLiferay Digital Experience Platform Review - 7.0 GA3 »

A digital revolution has transformed the entire world by converging the whole globe into one ecosystem. The term globalization is getting close to a notion similar of what "Digital world" brings about, where people are connected through the Internet via laptops, websites, mobile phones and diverse applications. Digitization isn’t only about internet and cloud connectivity but it has transformed the multiple definitions of... Read More AboutDigital Experience Platform »

Would you like to lag behind your competitors in the race to win over the people who concern you the most? Believe us, you will if you are still not convinced to use a content management system for your website. Content management system has already proved to be a game changer for so many clients of ours. It certainly has been one of the best investments that they have made on their website mostly because the benefits outweighs the... Read More AboutCMS: The New Road to the Way Forward »