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Web content is a pretty general way to characterize a piece of structured content that can be easily reused in Liferay. It is only natural that people will use it for their specific needs to solve their own problems in different ways. In this small article, we will see how to change a key aspect of editors to solve an issue that emerges exactly because people have varied requirements for their systems. More specifically, we will discuss... Read More AboutEditor Configuration Contributor »

This post seeks to illustrates how one can assemble a simple query to find web content items through tags. For instance, in this example our goal is to find all pieces of web content that are linked to any of the tags in a set provided as an array of tag names. First, let me show you why I am choosing the asset query to build this example. As one can see in this code snippet, after the query is ready, its use is trivial. List<... Read More AboutLocating web content via tags »

From the user interface we know that Liferay stores its content within several types of structures, some come with Liferay while others are created by us, as in : https://dev.liferay.com/discover/portal/-/knowledge_base/7-0/designing-uniform-content This post will show how we can access elements of any piece of content - a JournalArticle, which is represented as XML within Liferay’s database. The example that follows is intended to... Read More AboutGetting web content fields »