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This week we will be rolling out our new email system that is to replace our current cloud mail services. The new system is going to be a composition of read-only docker containers, regenerated as often as we can for continuous container delivery. The system will use our Liferay methodology and exclusive pipeline to provide fast and consistent security patches. If you have an account, you do not need to take any action, just keep ... Read More AboutNew email system »

Preparing your IDE for Liferay small image

Many developers may feel overwhelmed when they come to meet Liferay for the first time, and it is perfectly natural. Liferay is a bit odd in the Java universe and even experient engineers might need some time to adjust. The underlining reason for this awkward element in this huge universe is the fact that it was meant to grow, and it does grow; as several were, but Liferay is different (especially, Liferay 7). Being based on a... Read More AboutPreparing your IDE for Liferay »

New blog app small image

We have just released a new blog application for liferay portals! Ok, this is not really exciting... but behind our app there is a live test of a new metadata generation engine we prepared for Liferay portals that have an active blog. This one is the cool part and the reason why we are posting it here. This engine is the second module we released to generate dynamically collected metadata for search engines, especially Google. We will ... Read More AboutNew blog app »

Liferay Portal 7.0 CE GA5 Released small image

Liferay Portal 7.0 CE GA5 Release was made public, they just forgot to tag it on GitHub. If you are like me, who is always looking at the source code to keep in touch with what is going on... you might have missed this one (I almost did). You can get it here: sourceforge Keep an eye on our docker images, we are testing GA5 ! PS: they also forgot this little fellow: upgrade.processes.7003=${upgrade.processes.master} update: The... Read More AboutLiferay Portal 7.0 CE GA5 Released »

This post seeks to illustrates how one can assemble a simple query to find web content items through tags. For instance, in this example our goal is to find all pieces of web content that are linked to any of the tags in a set provided as an array of tag names. First, let me show you why I am choosing the asset query to build this example. As one can see in this code snippet, after the query is ready, its use is trivial. List<... Read More AboutLocating web content via tags »

From the user interface we know that Liferay stores its content within several types of structures, some come with Liferay while others are created by us, as in : This post will show how we can access elements of any piece of content - a JournalArticle, which is represented as XML within Liferay’s database. The example that follows is intended to... Read More AboutGetting web content fields »

Yesterday I participated in a Liferay demoing event and felt compelled to write a new product review. If you read my previous review, you would probably be concerned about adopting Liferay 7 in production, and you should be, as it demands a certain due diligence to be actually suitable for big projects. However, must of my points are no longer relent with GA4, which is the first of its line we evaluated as fit for use. Liferay was... Read More AboutLiferay Digital Experience Platform Review - 7.0 GA4 »

Connecting Liferay to MailGun small image

Sending e-mails via MailGun is extremely easy and it is definitely a great service. This tutorial will help you build the bridge between your Liferay installation and MailGun services - and!, forget about all complications associated with having a mail server to manage or situations like having a full postfix server just for sending password reset links… Steps: Download the MailGun – Liferay connection plugin Deploy it using... Read More AboutConnecting Liferay to MailGun »

Liferay’s workspace is a great concept and it delivers everything it promises; it is easy to use and it comes with everything you need for a successful Liferay project. Sometimes, however, one may feel overwhelmed by the amount of options it brings, or it may simply be too much for a given situation. Let’s say you want to create a small plugin, which is also to be a general library you want other developers to use. In this scenario,... Read More AboutBuilding a small OSGi plugin for Liferay – out of the workspace »

You made a docker image based in one of our Liferay packing images and now you wonder if there is a way to speed up your boot process? This post is for you; especially, if you are trying to get rid of our everyday friend: “validation because of mismatched checksum for liferay-target-platform” Depending on how you build your image, this message will pop up when containers are brought to life – the validation process usually takes ... Read More AboutMismatched checksum for liferay-target-platform »

Review - Gradle in Action small image

Author: Benjamin Muschko, 2014 ISBN-13: 978-1617291302 ISBN-10: 1617291307 Not only one of the best Gradle focused books outs there, but also one of the best in development and engineering.  This book is crystal clear on its message and it is guaranteed to bring beginners to an advanced level of understanding. From trivial examples to complex cases, its material is able give a simple and comprehensive explanation in each discussion.... Read More AboutReview - Gradle in Action »

Are you trying to deploy a new Liferay installation with the newer MySQL connectors, 6.+ ? This is something we have being seeing for a while and often the underlying issue is related to new defaults. The new JDBC driver comes with several changes and among them some default properties with new values. Fixing it is as easy as creating a new configuration file, we just need to set the properties to use the old values, as Liferay was ... Read More AboutLiferay with new MySQL 6.+ JDBC »

Docker-compose on Ubuntu small image

It is quite frustrating to find out that the one feature you are after is not available on your repo’s current package version. Docker packages on Ubuntu are really old and can visibly slow you down. Luckily, installing from GitHub is extremely easy. curl -L`uname -s`-`uname -m` > /usr/local/bin/docker-compose chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose... Read More AboutDocker-compose on Ubuntu »

Liferay Digital Experience Platform Review - 7.0 GA3 small image

The ability to control web content within a structured version system and its unique capability to receive extension modules and plugins. The extension power makes this software a great ally for building new systems. Read More AboutLiferay Digital Experience Platform Review - 7.0 GA3 »

Modifying an GCE instance type small image

Quite often we need to change a machine type due to new requirements or new environmental conditions that lead to modified workload expectations. These three lines can help. gcloud compute instances stop ${instance_name} --zone ${zone} --project ${project_name} gcloud compute instances set-machine-type ${instance_name} --machine-type ${new_machine_type_name} --zone ${zone} --project ${project_name} gcloud compute instances start... Read More AboutModifying an GCE instance type »

Sometimes, when we are building with Gradle we might run into some odd problems connected to the build phases. This is one of them. Imagine we are working on a multi project build, and at some point we want to apply a closure to all projects: allprojects {…} The issue comes from the following evaluations: project.version -> unspecified project.version -> TheProjectsName We can search on the web and find several workarounds for... Read More AboutThe unspecified issue: project.version »

sudo bash mkdir /opt/gradle cd /opt/gradle/ wget unzip -d /opt/gradle update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/gradle gradle /opt/gradle/gradle-3.4/bin/gradle 100 Read More AboutGradle 3.4 »

This blog entry is more like a record to keep around, rather than showing cool stuff we can do with Liferay. This week, one of our customers called about a problem they were facing with WordPress while trying to migrate from one domain to the other. We don’t know much about WP, but we engaged on helping them out. We tried some guides that instructed us into using the theme functions file and the global config one, with PHP code to ... Read More AboutWordPress Changing The Site's domain »

MySQL 5.7 resetting root password small image

MySQL 5.7 is still not everywhere and that is why we can step into broken procedures now and then. This post is about resetting a lost root password, which is one of the subtle differences that may lead to a 30 seconds WTH moment, and 3 minutes fixing the issue. If you get this message: ERROR 1054 (42S22): Unknown column 'password' in 'field list', This post is for you. Let’s go to the steps first, then we discuss the issue – in case... Read More AboutMySQL 5.7 resetting root password »

Amazing APP: Lastpass small image

Today is a great day! And it is because I finally got some time to write about this new app I found. It is really rare to encounter an app that is able to excite engineers, and I simply can’t stop talking about it. It's name is LastPass, found at And yes! It seems like I am late for the party, but so was everyone else in my conversations. My goal was simple, I was searching for a better tool to manage my ever... Read More AboutAmazing APP: Lastpass »

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