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When you start Liferay 7 up, you'll probably notice it stopping for a "quick" integrity check for its LPKGs. This was supposed to be security measure which was used to verify that the LPKG files have not been compromised, maliciously or not. This is just too painful, specially,  during development phases. In production, this becomes an issue for availability when servers need to be restarted and new servers created. Liferay... Read More AboutDisabling LPKG Index Validation »

New Liferay image small image

We will be releasing a new image today, for GA6. This release will use the same building processes and bring all features we built for GA5. As always you will find that Tomcat differs from Liferay's bundle, as it uses Tomcat 8.0.32, while our image is based on Tomcat 8.5.29 in todays date. For specific information about GA6, please visit https://community.liferay.com/news/liferay-portal-7-0-ce-ga6-release/ To get you image, please... Read More AboutNew Liferay image »

New Liferay image combo small image

We have just updated our Liferay related images! New and Fresh! OK, we are always updating them, almost daily (mainly for security reasons). This time, though, we included extra features to help with container management, and moved to a new Debian version. As we were seeing people with issues related to their volumes and what happens when a new version comes around, sometimes bringing new user and group IDs. We fixed Elasticsearch IDs,... Read More AboutNew Liferay image combo »

New email system small image

This week we will be rolling out our new email system that is to replace our current cloud mail services. The new system is going to be a composition of read-only docker containers, regenerated as often as we can for continuous container delivery. The system will use our Liferay methodology and exclusive pipeline to provide fast and consistent security patches. If you have an account, you do not need to take any action, just keep ... Read More AboutNew email system »

You made a docker image based in one of our Liferay packing images and now you wonder if there is a way to speed up your boot process? This post is for you; especially, if you are trying to get rid of our everyday friend: “validation because of mismatched checksum for liferay-target-platform” Depending on how you build your image, this message will pop up when containers are brought to life – the validation process usually takes ... Read More AboutMismatched checksum for liferay-target-platform »

Docker-compose on Ubuntu small image

It is quite frustrating to find out that the one feature you are after is not available on your repo’s current package version. Docker packages on Ubuntu are really old and can visibly slow you down. Luckily, installing from GitHub is extremely easy. curl -L https://github.com/docker/compose/releases/download/1.13.0/docker-compose-`uname -s`-`uname -m` > /usr/local/bin/docker-compose chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose... Read More AboutDocker-compose on Ubuntu »

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