We are an American startup, dedicated to easing the use of Open-Source solutions in varied enterprise environments. Thanks to the help of volunteers and supporters, we were able to start our activities and consolidate our expertise on Liferay.

Born at the University of Washington as a result of intense student work, we are proud to serve our customers in the most personalized fashion possible, maintaining a close relationship with our partners is one of our primary goals.

Thanks to Rahul Bapat who donated a lot of his precious time to guide us with his expertise, and Victor Soares that engineered our business, we were able to leave the University to explore the real word with clients in 3 different countries: United States, Australia, and Brazil.

The fast track was certainly not easy. But keeping our values in mind, we are making plans for new products. Student engagement and solution customization are the two pillars that drive our efforts to make content sharing and management as easy as possible.

OSGi é o reflexo de nosso pensamento em uma manifestação tecnológica. A abordagem modular para conceber nossos projetos não poderia ser melhor realizada sem o suporte natural que esta tecnologia oferece através de suas convenções e simplicidade.

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