Welcome to the TrueNTH CMS help pages! We hope you will find in this document a fast track to start producing your own data for distribution throughout the TrueNTH application network. If you don’t find what you need, we will be glad to guide you via our support channels.

The TrueNTH Content Management System (CMS), in summary, is a centralized information hub. Through this platform, users are able to create and manage their Web content and documents, via our extensive version control modules that are based on Liferay. They can check permissions, versions, historical information, recent activities, and much more while collaborating with each other.

The system’s main objective is to make content available for “non-Liferay” web applications. In our network, Web systems connect with each other, pulling and pushing information as frequently as users browse pages served by our remote apps. Robustness to make all this data available, in its correct version while security mechanisms check to see who is pulling each piece of data is what makes our platform a safe environment for your content producers and stakeholders. Peace of mind is what we seek to offer, besides all the comfort of relying on Liferay for content production.

This guide will be divided in parts to help you go directly to what you need, that is why you might see two documents about the same topic if you browse around. Some topics are for developers only, those who are building this immense network. Other topics are just for content producers. But don’t worry, we will let you know which one is each =)

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  • User Accounts

    Authentication and authorization are two concepts that live in our systems’ core, which is the reason that lead TrueNTH USA to design a network of applications that can talk to each other to...

  • Managing Web Content

    With Liferay, managing web content is pretty easy within the TrueNTH USA CMS. One just needs to be part of the “Content Manager” group and their TrueNTH account is ready to go. No extra steps are...

  • Web Content API

    Any web content created through our Content Management System (CMS) can be used in distributed applications through a flexible and reliable API. This article explains how to use our API to publish...

  • Mail API

    The mail API is a set of software components that builds up on top of the Web Content API, organizing content elements for mail message composing. As such, before we begin to explain the details of...

  • OAuth Client

    TrueNTHConnect includes its own OAuth library to make communication with Shared Services easier and based on simple calls. These components were designed to provide a stable and uniform methodology...