Mail API

The mail API is a set of software components that builds up on top of the Web Content API, organizing content elements for mail message composing. As such, before we begin to explain the details of this API, those are the things to keep in mind before going further:

  • A mail content item is a web content item;
  • The Web Content API works with mail assets, but without distinguishing emails from web content;
  • The mail API works with web content items, trying to interpret the item as an email;
  • The mail and web content APIs use that same core modules.

Those are just some quick notes for one who is familiar with the web content API. Bottom line, the mail API was designed to work along with the web content API, allowing simultaneous performance and bug corrections due to a common core. Moreover, this design guarantees a consistent behavior among this duet, minimizing the learning curve and easing engineering efforts.


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  • Mail API - Quick reference

    Mail API /c/portal/truenth/asset/mail Required parameters Required Parameters Default Example groupId (before 2.4) - groupId=20142   articleId or uuid - articleId=34969...