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Authentication and authorization are two concepts that live in our systems’ core, which is the reason that lead TrueNTH USA to design a network of applications that can talk to each other to achieve a seamless single sign on experience. In all levels, from management to regular users, our CMS uses TrueNTH USA Shared Services (SS) to control its permission system.

With regards to the single sign on (SSO) experience, our custom Liferay behaves like most interventions – using the TrueNTH terminology. That effectively means that a user transitioning between apps will have its account always updated while security features safely grant access to scattered resources.

In a macro abstraction level, TrueNTH role assignments (patient, content-manager, admin…) are interpreted by the CMS, which is able to sort users into groups through a mapping relationship controlled by rules managed via our administrative modules. These rules are easily modifiable through the Web system, which is also where administrators can consult the current rules at any time – nothing is written in stone here.

The CMS will also learn with incoming users, automatically appending new TrueNTH roles to the listings when they are created in SS. This means that we are able to start using roles as soon as a user with them assigned comes into the CMS.

In a micro level, we provide all regular controls Liferay normally offers. This means that we can use a local policy to manage users, independently from SS. The TrueNTH CMS was created to be as flexible as possible, and the ability to grant privileges via a local policy, including for specific invidious, gives TrueNTH all the power we expect from a Liferay system, besides the capability of manual and faster responses to unfamiliar situations.

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