Enterprise portal development

We know Java, and we love Liferay!

The modern world is filled with all the great products we have come to know and love, but how often do you ask yourself: is this for me?

Would not be nice if products were made just for you? What would they look like?

We know the frustration!

That is why we love Liferay.

Better yet!

We are dedicated to customizing it, JUST for you!

Your company, Your portal, Your way!

Premium Support

We know that Liferay can sometimes be complicated, let us help you!

We offer engineering services to find the best solution for your project.

We will study your needs to find the best configuration that fits your budget, while also helping you in selecting supporting technologies, in-house, or on your Google Cloud environment.

We offer support for:

Web hosting

Development and testing machines

MySQL databases

Virtual networks

Virtual hosts with root access

Java EE consulting services

Security consulting services

Domain setup and maintenance